Joshua, Texas – Tame the summer sun and insulate your home at the same time by using quality solar screens. You can get that from Atlas Solar Tex, who have been professionals for more than 20 years and have consistently provided terrific products at reasonable prices.

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Summertime is probably the most fun time of the year for individuals and families. It’s the best time to just go out and enjoy every single activity that’s designed for the outdoors and couldn’t be enjoyed during other seasons. But while it affords a lot of fun, the summer sun can also be a little overwhelming. Not to mention the actual harm that could come from too much exposure to UV rays.

Solar screens offer relief from the harmful effects of too much sun and heat. The best thing about using Solar screens is that it’s effective in keeping out the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays while not blocking any of the beautiful views of the outside. It increases comfort by reducing the glare and also helps improve the temperature within homes.

Among the many benefit of using solar screens are the following:

  • It helps reduce the fading of furniture, flooring, carpets, as well as window seals.
  • It helps reflect the sun’s rays off the screen. The solar screen will also allow most of the heat to be absorbed into the screen material itself. It’s then dispersed back to the air that’s away from the window’s glass.
  • Solar screens also help improve privacy during the daytime. It can also be installed in the patios and also keep you and your family in the shade while you are comfortable and enjoying the view.

Atlas Solar Tex is made up of consummate professionals that know their craft. They have been at it for the past 20 years and not only are they known for the quality of their work but also for their excellent customer service. They are at the very top of the industry and in fact, are considered to be above the competition.

About The Company – Atlas Solar Tex is known as the number one source of solar screens and roller shades in Atlas, Texas. For more than 20 years now, they have been the leading choice of residents of Tarrant, Johnson, Parker, Hood, and other surrounding areas and counties. 

Customers of Atlas Solar Tex are guaranteed to get high-quality products at very reasonable prices. They offer great choices with exclusive colors that are coupled with the custom-designed screen porch, arches, and windows. All are suitable for homes and/or businesses.

They have managed to build connections with their customers for the past two decades. And they have done it the right way and a major part of that is by offering the following features:

  • 15-year warranty on materials
  • One-year warranty on labor
  • Protection from the damage of UV radiation
  • Block out the excessive heat that comes from the sun
  • Custom grid work

To enjoy all the benefits of choosing a top company such as Atlas Solar Tex, you only need to call them and get your free estimate.